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In the year 2000, just after one of our sight activities with Friends Across the Border, Lion Robin Coleman, mentioned that in a conversation with one of the Tecate Lions that schools in Mexico desperately needed classroom computers. He suggested we might consider helping as a service project. Lion Robin contacted a Laura Palmer who was involved in a project called Family Stabelization. She and an associate, both of whome became Lions, brought their expertise forward and soon got the project under way.

By advertizing we found many companies and individuals who were willing to donate surplus equipment for the cause. As equipment began to become available Lion Don Ranney donated a portion of the barn to be our work space. Lion Laura found a person, named Zoal, who had extensive computer experience, and was between jobs, to assit Lion Al Lanlphear, a retired Electronic Engineer, to disassemble incoming computer systems and assemble fully operational computers to be shipped to Mexico. 





It soon became known that there were needy families stateside that also desired lower cost computers. Soon Zoal found employment and Lion Laura contacted Ron Meader (now Lion President Ron Meader) who was studying Computer Networking, who became the primary person in the computer lab. Lion Ron's forward looking needs resulted in his building two quad position work stations where he and Lion Al receive donated equipment, purge the hard drives and assemble high quality  systems for the stateside market and and bringing about 10 – 15 complete units to Mexico every month.

As the project grew Lions Ron and Al not willing to turn anyone away began repairing computers and giving our computers to anyone could not afford to make a donation.  Lion Ron then started an e-waste collection/recycling facility, where we take in all e-waste and dismantle it and separate all the different materials and ship them out to be recycled.  Which has become one of the primary sources of income for our club.

We have placed computers in Homes, schools and churches in Blythe, San Bernardino, Banning, Calimesa, Yucaipa, Redlands, Hemet, Tenecula, Murrieta, Indio, Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs and as far away as Ghana, West Africa, where they used our computers to start a new school, which is open for all HIV/AIDS orphans and under privilege children.

Lion Ron also dedicates time to peripheral items such as printers and fax modems for integrating complete units to fledging buisinesses. Our computer project has received International recognition and has become a self sustaining fiscal member of the Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club.

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